Sport Dumoulin leaves the Giro in the middle of the...

Dumoulin leaves the Giro in the middle of the flood


Ackermann wins the 'sprint' a stage marked by the rain from which the favorites came unscathed

Dumoulin, after landing on the fifth stage of the Giro.

Tom Dumoulin had reached the finish the previous day with his knee spitting blood, driven by the rest of his team with a procession. The Dutch was a suffering Christ carried by his faithful bearers, guys whose mission in this Giro was to take care of him who did not fail when his leader needed him the most. That damn one had prematurely eliminated from the great fight the winner of 2017, whose pedaling, whose face drew a sad 'arrideverci' postponed his yearnings to July and to that Tour that everyone seems to avoid, bored and impotent before the Tyrant of the Sky, now Ineos .

But Dumoulin, perhaps for braveness, perhaps for cabezon, perhaps simply because he somehow felt in debt to his teammates for his effort the previous day, I decided to try the impossible. He got on his bike at the start and tried pedaling. Commendable effort without meaning that hardly lasted a kilometer until the evidence invited him to leave the Giro without leaving Frascati, at the gates of Rome. It was the ideal moment, although Dumoulin, brave and noble, refused to accept it.

Vervaeke, survivor

It did not invite to extend the suffering a frightful meteorological part, that turned a simple and short stage (140 kilometers) into a constant danger. Rain to seas and flooded asphalt, much to lose and little to gain for a pelotn who still lasted the scare of the previous day.

So it happened what had to happen, a spoiled escape of a thousand loves whose last survivor was Vervaeke, one of the gregarious of Dumoulin. Without it, the Sunweb has to explore other ways to shine in this Giro, at least to be seen during the race, and they did not even take a day of duel to launch their new strategy.

Excessive risk

While Vervaeke and his teammates make their way, good news came to the pelotn. The organization, with good judgment, decided to take the definitive times in the first step by goal, still missing 9 kilometers by the end of the stage. It was an excessive risk that the whole pelotn arrived grouped until the end, with the favorites for the general playing the skins among the sprinters.

So after that first step in Terracina, a small coastal city of Lazio, the men of the general let go, assured that they would not lose a single second in goal, and ahead were the sprinters and their lieutenants for a new 'volata' . In it, Ackermann and Gaviria offered a beautiful struggle for the triumph that was resolved in favor of the German, 'maglia ciclamino' of this Giro and winner of two stages, exultant on the podium, as if the day had not been a wet ordeal .

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