Sport Debate about Griezmann at Barça

Debate about Griezmann at Barça


It was dropped the Athletic in the Champions before him Juventus in March and reactivate the Griezmann operation by the Barça. The calls, the contacts and the meetings returned but today the only thing that is certain is that the Frenchman has decided to leave the Metropolitan with payment of a termination clause that July 1 goes down from 200 to 120 million. From here, the striker, 28 years old, can perfectly come to Camp Nou but in the club azulgrana nobody dares to put the hand in the fire and they confront the subject with reservations and internal debate.

Not to burn, as happened with pumpkins a year ago, because officially the Barcelona team will not close any operation until after the end of 25th of May Cup, because they say that there is nothing signed with the player and because he is not a player that generates unanimity in the board of directors. He is a footballer who has been in the market for which he has also been interested in PSG, eager to increase its collection of cards.

His exit from Atlético has not ended with speculation about his future

The Frenchman ensures talent, goal, experience and an absolute knowledge of the Spanish League but also carries a high mortgage. For Barça it would mean another risky economic investment after those of Dembélé, Coutinho or De Jong and it would mean committing to pay a new stratospheric salary. Griezmann would charge less than the around 21 million he receives at Atlético but in exchange for signing a more extensive contract. Five seasons, for the four that he had at rojiblanco, and 17 million euros net per year.

That's what Barça's offer consists of, according to L'Équipe, figures similar to those of the previous Barcelona proposal and that would place him in the dressing room only behind Messi. It is worth remembering that the Blaugrana club already dedicates to pay its players more than 500 million.

To these contraindications it is necessary to add that the frightened one that it gave to the Barcelona turned to him into a nothing friendly character to eyes of the blaugrana liking, a sector of which whistled to him in his last visit to the Camp Nou. A part of the Barça parish is in favor of not giving it a second chance.

His landing could raise the level of competitiveness in the front of Barcelona, ​​which, for some reasons or other, is lame in its third leg since Neymar left. Neither Dembélé nor Coutinho have acquired the rank and regularity necessary to be the perfect squire of Messi and Luis Suárez. But it is also true that Griezmann usually shrinks in transcendental encounters.

His exit from Atlético has not ended with speculation about his future and, although Barcelona is well positioned (like last summer), the PSG has deployed the wings and neither the player nor his surroundings have proven to be reliable when negotiating . Yesterday, the brother of the football player hung an enigmatic tweet with a picture of Neymar and a "hello", a message that he later deleted.

Meanwhile, the day after revealing his decision, the striker went to Atletico training sitting in the back of an SUV driven by his close friend Diego Godín. The Uruguayan had a lot of influence when it came to convincing the Frenchman to stay in the Metropolitan. This factor, the fact that the rojiblanco club scratched their pockets and that the final of the Champions was in the mattress stadium ended up decanting the balance. Now, after a discrete season in the individual and in the collective and with a feeling of disbandment in the team (go Godin, Juanfran or Lucas Hernández), Griezmann has changed his mind. At the end of the training, driving his own vehicle, the Frenchman signed autographs to about forty fans for a few minutes. It's the only thing he's signed for now.


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