Dallas Mavericks will be getting rid of Mavs Dancers as well as the ManiAACs and the drummers, adding a new entertainment group to replace them.

According to a press release available on Mavs.com, the franchise is intended to discourage the traditional dance squad or cheering in favor of interpreting various local actions during half-time times and between time-times. There may be different types of dance or unusual actions such as performers and squads mocking the performances. There is nothing lost by the deposited members, but because they are welcome to listen to famous panels before being part of the entertainment squad; to come.

This is just one of the major moves recently made by Mark Cuban owner to be void for the complaint of sexual harassment which has hindered the Mavs who were a former high-level executive and blow writer. One of the most significant steps was hiring Cynthia Marshall as CEO of Mavs and later their plans to end her shielding fans now achieved.

For some time now, the Mavs came twice again after their modern piece Kristaps Porzingis had been put forward, rape was alleged to have occurred during his being a New York Chic. Cuba was reported to be well aware of this charge before signing the agreement that did not help.

It remains to be seen if this move really helps to rehabilitate Dallas' image as many teams have cheering squads and nothing is seen as offensive, but we hope they will do what is involved. They regularly make seasons success and the play picture.

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