• The new Cologne coach Achim Beierlorzer favors the rapid attacking game, a peculiarity that sports director Armin Veh appreciate.
  • There are other parallels between the two future athletic leaders at 1. FC Köln.
  • Connoisseurs still expect a troubled summer for the club.

By Philipp Selldorf, Cologne

His new coach, the 1. FC Cologne will introduce only in the next week in Geißbockheim, but the main points of the inaugural speech has Achim Beierlorzer, 51, betrayed on Sunday in Müngersdorfer stadium, after he played with his old team at his new team and most entertaining 5: 3 won. The fact that the coach of the SSV Jahn Regensburg will continue the career for the new season in Cologne, that had already rumgesprochen in the previous week, the official confirmation was missing the certification by the club officials.

The responsible representatives of the committees met only after the game, and so Beierlorzer at the press conference in the stadium made every effort to keep a secret that was no longer one. "I do not say anything about the rumors and issues around my person," he said. It was not until the ceremony was over that an expert opinion slipped out, which was like a government statement. The FC was missing in terms of squad planning not much for the first league, Beierlorzer, "there is not much to be done, selectively, and then full throttle ahead."

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And BVB celebrate the title for 4:38 minutes

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On the one hand, this judgment can be interpreted as an appreciation for the work of his new superior, Armin Veh. On the other hand spoke from these words a coach who is looking forward to take on a newcomer who needs no fundamental renovation. For the Cologne team had given a good example in the farewell match for the outgoing former captain Matthias Lehmann, 35. 0: 3 she was back at break after an oblique game, decimated by the not less oblique dismissal for Jhon Cordoba, but the 4: 4 was missing in the end not much. Beierlorzer had reason to rejoice over both teams: his new, who fought passionately against the defeat, and his old, which showed no fear of the second division champion. "27 goal shots," the coach remarked when looking at the statistics from Regensburg, "this is a brand we want to work with." This sentence too could be projected into Cologne's future. Beierlorzer favors the swift attacking game, a peculiarity that Veh values.

Supposedly Veh Beierlorzer has been watching for some time

On Monday, the Cologne then announced the commitment, therefore Beierlorzer "did not hesitate a second". Already three months ago, he said on Sunday, he told his family, "If you want to see a really great stadium, then you have to come to Cologne – sensational stadium with sensational fans." Many a commissioner would draw suspicion from this episode, and in fact there are rumors circulating in Cologne that the request of FC did not come after the leave of former coach Markus Anfang.

Allegedly, Veh had been taking a long look at the man who had learned in Ralf Rangnick's Leipzig coaching school. Veh raved about "strong leadership qualities," "authentic charisma" – other qualities that work well with Veh's expectations. Perhaps not least because they correspond to his personal self-image.

The appointment of the new coach falls in the middle of a time in which the Cologne club is reforming. So the FC also announced the selection of the trio, which is to run in September as a new board. For Toni Schumacher and the second incumbent Vice President Markus Ritterbach is according to the ideas of the club internal determination committee no more place at the top of the club. However, both reserve the right to initiate a contest by member vote, but they need a presidential candidate, after their previous favorite Wolfgang Bosbach has canceled because he rejects a fight candidate. Connoisseurs expect a troubled summer at the FC. In this respect, it was certainly useful to realize Beierlorzers commitment quickly before it could still be on the campaign theme.

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