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The rugby team at Charles Hays Secondary School walked off the smooth, wet, rainy grass of Pattullo Field at the Recreation Center, as fast as they went on. Andy Enns, one of three coaches for the boys, decided to give Rainmakers a well-deserved day off after defeating Caledonia Senior Secondary School, Terrace, in a team for both their senior and junior teams.

On Wednesday evening, May 15, the senior team who played first won 35-20 followed by the juniors, who ended with a 10-5 victory. The junior team had a relatively low score because six of their best players had just come out of the field, tired and played with seniors.

"Juniors play at such a high level that when seniors play, we can easily put in a bunch of juniors and they fit right away," coach Enns said.

This was not a game phenomenon – according to Enns, the juniors have mated with seniors throughout the year. Last week, the top Rainmakers beat their Terrace Competition 68-0 along with several juniors who scored against the older boys. The juniors also beat terrace 52-5 in their own game.

"We have a really well-trained Grade Nine core, with a few Grade Eights," says Enns. Currently there are 18 boys in the team with 10 moves between senior and junior teams.

Enns said the reason for their success is a trip that the juniors went to Abbotsford during the Easter weekend, where they went through a training camp set by the North American rugby tournament game of Celtic Barbarians.

Rainmaker's coaches, Cody Curry and Casey Lennon, began training the boys for the camp in February when normal training time begins after the break, Enns said.

"They were just fired up when they came home from Abbotsford," said Enns.

Despite their success as a team, the boys – junior and senior – will not be able to showcase their talent in the playoffs. Enns said living in the Northwest makes it difficult for the team to travel because of high transportation costs. Organizing multiple divisional games is also a challenge due to cuts in the sports program, which only gives them two buses a year instead of four, according to Enns.

The season ends soon, said Enns, where their last game took place in Prince Rupert on June 8 during the Seafest festivities.

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Owen Vick, Hannah Scherr, Cody Schaeffer, Ryan Vick and Jason Rioux have been selected to play for the Celtic barbarians in an elite rugby tournament, Tropic 7s in Orlando Florida (Submitted Photo)

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