Chris Boswell was worried about his next kick; not last season

Chris Boswell was worried about his next kick; not last season

The Pittsburgh Steelers are officially the next era of the franchise. The two receivers Oakland Raiders around the world, Antonio Brown and New York Jets will be officially back from the picture in the “Steel City”, Roverlisberger and the prestigious receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster will be at the forefront. route for the Steelers in 2019-20.

However, not forgetting that Chris Boswell, the placekeeper of Steelers, may be a major factor going forward, especially if Pittsburgh is unable to get the offense at full speed in the absence of the above mentioned thin. Brown and Bell. Although he is struggling at times of last season, Boswell does not focus only on the future – and so on.

“I know it's better than last year, but I'm not caring for last year,” Boswell said recently, through the official staff website. “I am focused on the next chic. I am concentrating on next Tuesday on my next team period. Just kinda going day by day, kicking. ”

In 2018-29, the Boswell, 28 years of age, appeared in 15 regular seasons game for the Steelers on the way to reaching 13 of his 20 goals. He also lost five extra points and ran 43-of-48 during the year. Boswell's field goal reached the season from 50 yards out and the special special primer produced a total of 82 points for Pittsburgh season ago – a one-season career mark.

It is worth noting, however, that the Steelers signed colleague Matthew Wright as a free withdrawal agent. As it is today, Wright is currently the only contest for Boswell under Steelers' shadow.

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