Sport Champions League: Luis Suárez, 13 months later | sports

Champions League: Luis Suárez, 13 months later | sports


Although it was known that Liverpool is an electrical team that is defined by their supersonic careers, from the Barca technical team they valued that it was best to water the field just a few minutes before the tonadilla of the Champions. Decision that was worth to Barca to impose his football (at times) on the floor and that Luis Suarez took advantage of because, as if it were a summer game with the sliding floor, he threw himself on his knees and slipped until crossing the line background. Then, he pulled muscle with his arms and clenched his fists to release a couple of screams with soul, regenerators and liberators, as if the demons were shaking off. And it could have been that because, after 13 months of drought in the Champions League, of nine complete matches and one more punch, of 836 minutes, he scored his goal.

From his comments in the press conference to his football, it seemed that the Liverpool were university, unconcerned about what they say or the consequences of their joy and fun, but knowing that they have the power to change things with their decisions and acts They exude happiness for what arrives and they conquer – "what a great compliment!", Released with genuine fascination Sadio Mané when asked if the offensive tridents of both teams were the best in Europe -, while not afraid of the final exams because they have studied their own. And Barça knew it at their fingertips. Although perhaps they did not have the substitution of Arthur and the ownership of Arturo Vidal, with the professor pitbull, the one that does not miss even one. But not only was the Chilean defense delivered, but with the changes of direction, he lost Liverpool, more concerned with the rival interior game than with the wing races. Thus, in one of those trips, the ball fell at the feet of Coutinho, who played backwards for the arrival of Alba. Center between the central and break Suarez to step on the small area and put the hook, also the both. "Uruguayan, Uruguayan!" Sang the fans with debauchery. It was not be for lowerly. It was the goal that beat the resistance of Liverpool, the 500 of Barca since it was changed to the Champions format – the inaugural did Begiristain (sports director of Manchester City) in 1993 – the first of Suarez in a long time. As much, that the previous one, in front of the Rome in the quarterfinals of the last edition, also to Allison.

To the crossbar

It should not have been a coincidence that Suarez burned a few instants earlier, when he reproached Robertson for not returning the ball quickly to prevent Barça from putting it into play. "If we are making a change …", he came to excuse the side, pointing to the band because Keita, injured, collided hands with Henderson. Suárez did not make a case for him, he faced him as he did with Van Dijk. Then, his goal came. But it did not lower the pulsations because Milner also had them when he gave Messi a push at the wrong time and even with Allison for protesting a harmless play. Rifirrafe that the culé fans blessed the cry of "Uruguayan, Uruguayan!".

Suarez could make another target, as he received a ball from Messi in the race with only Alisson ahead. But it entangled itself in control and starting enough for Matip to correct himself in time. And clearer was that other one in which after a Messi slalom the ball came back to Sergi Roberto, who put it as he could on the arrival of Suarez. Without another alternative because he was in the race and the ball was left behind, the 9 hit him with the thigh, but for his misfortune the ball spit the crossbar. For his happiness, however, it fell to Messi and he made the second goal. Suarez shouted again as he did in the lack of Leo because the goals of Messi are the goals of his friend and Barca. Also yours. And the one who got in first arrived late, but it was more than good.

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