Canada puts Tokyo 2020 Olympics women's rugby berth on hold for US CFJC losses today | Kamloops, British Columbia

Canada puts Tokyo 2020 Olympics women's rugby berth on hold for US CFJC losses today | Kamloops, British Columbia

The Canadian women regained from a hard quarterfinals to the Americans with a 31-0 victory against Spain and a 31-7 victory over England to take fifth.

New Zealand defeated Australia 21-17 to win the World Rugby Women 's Sevens event. The United States placed third with a 26-5 victory over fourth place France.

"I have 100 percent confidence we need to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics by 2020," said Toronto Charity Williams, who scored two attempts against England.

Williams electrified the audience earlier on Sunday as she ran the entire Spanish team during an end-to-end trial.

"It came from showing the fans and everyone that we sometimes make mistakes, but we are a better team than that."

Montreal's Bianca Farella, who scored two tries in Canada against England, said Canadian women are unstoppable when they put in bets like Sunday afternoon against England.

"It really felt like we were in practice today, just tearing it up," she said. "We exhibited in fifth place final, we are one of the top teams in the world when we are on and when we do things that we plan."

Julia Greenshields from Sarnia, Ont., Also scored an attempt on Canada against England.

Coach John Tait said the team is in good shape entering the Olympic qualifying event in France.

"In general, we played good defense all tournaments," he said. "We had just some undisturbed mistakes and good teams like the US and Australia punish you and they got us."

Tait said his players "put in two clinical performances to finish the tournament."

The Canads entered this week's action as the hottest team in the World Rugby Women's Sevens Series after winning in Japan last month.

Canada posted wins over Brazil and Ireland on Saturday, but lost to Australia, the reigning Olympic champion.

"This was huge," said Keyara Wardley in Okotoks, Alta., Sunday after defeating Spain. "Out of the last game (against the US), we wanted to jump back."

Captain Ghislaine Landry of Toronto scored two attempts while Williams, Farella and Wardley added singles to Spain.

The quarter-final Sunday against the Americans was a defensive battle that saw Williams score Canada's only attempt.

"Our team made a really good defense effort, but the United States activated a few mistakes, and that's just the way it goes," Williams said. "I'm convinced we qualify for Tokyo."

Dirk Meissner, Canadian press

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