Tennis Boys Tennis: Schaeffer Academy has a winning blend Tennis

Boys Tennis: Schaeffer Academy has a winning blend Tennis


Schaeffer Academy boys tennis team tennis duals this season often begins with smirks and mumblings from the opposition.

However, they often end up with a new found respect. Again, it comes from Lions opponents.

That's what happens when two of the college players in your boys are girls and your younger varsity is also dotted with girls players.

It has been the product of Schaeffer, such a small school, with only 100 children grades 9-12, and its inability to fire a full-boys tennis community without some girls flocking in.

And that is really what happens when these girls and this team continue to win matches and duals, like Lions.

Schaeffer Academy has shaped itself as one of the top teams in Six. And, Class A.

The lions are a robust 11-4 superior who earns them a No. 3 seed in a Section 1A that meets that beginning Thursday.

"We surprise many people," says Kady Monson, head of the fourth-year program. "When boys are paired with girls, there are often smirks.

"But (the opposing boys) are usually humiliated. Both our (varsity girls, sophomore Annie Orvis and freshman Faith Monson) have really sound technical skills. At the end of the duels, players and coaches often come to us, shaking our hands and tell us how amazing our girls are. "

It's not just the girls at this team who have surprised tennis people.

It's this team, period.

Schaeffer Acadmey has gone from earning a low No. 9 seed in the Section 1A tournament in his first year to a No. 3 seed now. And it looks like the good times will continue in the near future. Schaeffer's tennis team only has two seniors and one junior this season.

Not that the overclass men have not been important.

They have been setting a respectful and prayerful tone as Kady Monson says is crucial to this Christian school.

Recently, one of these seniors, No. 1 single, played Dane Bothun, mocked to pray with his opponent on the net after the two had finished their fight.

It was Bothun's idea. Then his opponent immediately asked if he could return with a prayer.

Nothing pleases Kady Monson more than a scene like that from her operas.

Sure, she's loved the winning one that has been going on this year. But it is moments like the prayers online that inspire her more.

"Our players have really come to love the way they honor their opponents and life lessons coming on the tennis court," said Kady Monson.

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