Berlin High School: Students demand review of the Matheklausur - Berlin

"Too Heavy" was this year's math exam. This was recently stated by 70 to 75 percent of the participants in a survey by the Berlin State Student Council (LSA). The highest student body derived from it on Tuesday two demands: The education administration should initiate an "objective examination" of the degree of difficulty by experts and announce the results of the exams. This decided the LSA after Tagesspiegel information on Tuesday evening

If the exams were "significantly worse" than in previous years failed, it would have "consequences to be drawn," said LSA spokesman Lucas Valle-Thiele.

The mathematics didactics experts from the Humboldt University (HU), Andreas Filler and Luise Fehlinger, announced on request, they saw several "positive tendencies" in this year's Abitur. These include that more justifications and arguments as well as the "handling of different forms of representation of functions" were required. In addition, "more basic knowledge" from grades 7-10 is needed and the proportion of tasks "that not only require the processing of known routines" has been increased, they praised. In addition, the HU mathematicians noted that "there was a logarithm function after a long time" as a "positive trend".

Bavaria: 73,000 protest signatures

As reported, the Berlin complaints focus on the analysis tasks in the advanced course and on the tool-free part in the basic course. The protest petition against the Berlin Mathematics Baccalaureate has so far signed about 3500 students and parents, in Bavaria there were about 73 000th The local Ministry of Culture is therefore under greater pressure and wants to inform the public on Thursday about the 2019 Abitur in Mathematics " it announced on Tuesday. A study at the HU in the context of a master's thesis had recently shown that Bavaria's mathematics-Abitur is more demanding than the Berliner, although in Bavaria all high school graduates must be tested in mathematics, in Berlin but only the students who choose mathematics as a subject.

All Berlin mathematics tasks are available HERE.

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