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In time for the playoff start FC Bayern extended the contract with coach Dejan Radonjic.

It was the Maundy Thursday of last year when the coaching life of Dejan Radonjic experienced a major turnaround. Actually, he intended to sit in the American Super League NBA, a contract offer of his employer Red Star Belgrade he had refused. But then came a call from Marko Pesic – and everything was different. On that Thursday at the end of March, the basketball players of Bayern Munich had dismissed their coach Aleksandar Djordjevic, as championship leader and freshly crowned cup winner, which could certainly be described as surprising. Managing director Marko Pesic and sporting director Daniele Baiesi saw at that time the overriding goal of the season Championship in danger, Djordjevic had to vacate his chair – and Radonjic took a seat.

The responsible had to take a lot of criticism at that time, because the change of coach was carried out to the supposed untimely time: right before the start of the playoffs. Radonjic came with the recommendation of three Serbian titles in a row with Belgrade, two cup wins and three titles in the Eastern European Adria League, thanks to which he commanded a Euroleague team. But the sudden commitment to the German celebrity club was also the leap into a steel bath of expectations, demands and public interest, it was a cold start under the glass. At times, the Montenegrin seemed like an interested observer, not sure where he had actually gotten there, in addition to initial problems with the English language, Radonjic had to acclimatize in the heat of the championship finals. Not the kuschligste situation to meet a club and a team, but the Montenegrin has mastered this test with flying colors. A few weeks after his first training session, he won his first German championship title with Bayern Munich. In the current season, his team has made 14 wins in the Euroleague and narrowly missed the round of the top eight, so far a German team has never done well in the highest European competition.

Consequentially, the sports management has extended the contract with the 49-year-old Montenegrins for another season in time for the playoff start this Saturday against Braunschweig in the Audi Dome (20.30 clock). Radonjic is regarded as a consistent worker, is committed to intense training, defines the game of his team over a strong defensive and knows this always good to prepare. Now he should "stabilize the club on a high level," as sports director Baiesi says. Radonjic is happy about the trust of his employer, he does not want to spend too much time with that kind of sentimentality; after all, it is important to defend the title. On his further coaching life, this would certainly influence.

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