A fine of 20,000 euros for Barça due to organizational errors against Tottenham

The disciplinary commission of UEFA imposed a fine of 20,000 Euros at Barça due to organizational deficiencies in the match against the Tottenham on December 11 this season during the Champions League group stage. The penalty corresponds to an "insufficient organization", in accordance with article 11 (1) of the disciplinary regulation.

"The member associations, as well as the clubs and their players, officers and members, and all the people assigned by the UEFA to play a role, must respect the rules of the game, as well as the statutes of the UEFA, regulations, directives and decisions, and comply with the principles of ethical conduct, loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship, "indicates the aforementioned article.

Ajax has been fined with 52,500 euros for the release of objects and incidents from the public in the quarterfinals against Juventus, played on April 10. Benfica coach Bruno Lager has been suspended a party to repeatedly protest the referee of the quarterfinals against the Eintracht in Frankfurt, and the Portuguese club has also been fined with 1,000 euros for the launch of objects

The Eintracht, for its part, has been sanctioned with 34,000 euros due to organizational deficiencies and attempted field invasion by the public. Tottenham's fine was 10,000 euros for improper conduct of his officials and coach in the Ajax match on April 30, and his coach, Argentinian Mauricio Pochettino, suspended with a match for the delay in the beginning of the game. Porto was fined with 42,500 euros due to organizational defects against Liverpool and his coach, Sergio Conceiçao, suspended a party as responsible for the delay in the beginning of the shock.

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