NFL 4 main stories for the Tampa Bay Curators coming...

4 main stories for the Tampa Bay Curators coming in 2019


Tampa Bay Guides and its fans are not stronger with pessimistic storytelling. However, that is the reason for this – the team has many stars, but they have not done the shows since 2007. However, in 2019 it could change very well.

Despite Tampa Bay's significant roster holes, they come into the NFL's 100th season with real hope at the reception from their best coaching reception from Jon Gruden's trade.

With that in mind, there are four storylines here that will shape its 2019 season.

4. Is Jameis Winston a fourth franchise race?

Jameis Winston, Buccaneers

Clutch points

The Buccaneers must reply to this question. Since Jameis Winston was drafted at No. 1 in 2015, the results were a mixture of good bad. Pro Bowler was in the 25 years of age in his rookie season and so on; while his college turnover issues (15 interventions) prevailed, he spent 4,042 yard and 22 territory on serious offenses.

Most Winston was expected to clean up its turnover issues, become more consistent, and take the next jump after its rookie year. But this never happened.

Because of his concerns outside of the field, as well as his ineffectiveness, many people were re-confronted. From the year it has been too long, it has fallen for 10,586 solid rods and 66 landings – impressive numbers so insecure and 43 intercepted and 32 fumbles in the same field.

Winston is a talented fourth quarter with an excellent hand and an aggressive play style. But, too often, he made mistakes under the bones on and off the pitch.

Entering a fifth year of his contract, Winston and Tampa Bay need to clean up those issues and decide on his future.

3. Bruce Arians and his plan for franchise resurrection

Bruce Arians, Cardinals


Fortunately, Winston got the coach he wanted to increase his stock. Bruce Arians.

It is noteworthy quarterly, the coach has done the best work with the large armed, armed quarters. Winston is just like that. In the past, Arians once turned with successful and incredible teams as Super Bowl. Now, in Tampa Bay, the minds of previous attacks intend to do the same.

Arians is a pioneering coach, by all means. It came from where it was unlikely to enter the NFL, it was the first ever interim head coach to win the NFL Coach of the Year, and then it brought the forgotten Arizona Cardinal to be relevant.

Tampa Bay, just like Arizona before Arians emerged, became a lot of jokes, but if the history is a sign of any, it will not be a long time.

2. Ronald Jones run + must be reliable

Ronald Jones, Bucs

Cliff Welch / Icon Sportswire through Getty Images

To take advantage of Winston and Arbook 's large handbook, the Buccaneers will have to be trusted as an attractive attack.

If not, Arians play action will not develop, and the safeguards will focus on the one pass by replacing a call pass with their current defense. Luckily, with pass-core OC Todd Monken, it is possible to fully build an effective land game in Tampa Bay.

The Buccanneers have a solid aggressive line which can create lanes for a back. However, the backgrounds running the ball, Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber are not able to use them. Although Barber exceeded 871 yards and five of the highlights in 2018, it is likely that it will take a return to Jones.

In the second round last year they drew Jones out of USC for a reason – it was the result of a dynamic, athletic sentiment that he had no problem getting to the college college in the college. But he made a rookie season – he fled the ball 23 times with 44 yards and scored.

There is a delay in my eyes, in my eyes, but Jones must be a bell blow to the run.

It's simple, because the offense to take the next step, Jones will do the same thing.

1. The external protection front is restored, but secondary schools must represent the greatest improvement

Ndamukong Suh

Out LB Kwon Alexander, DT Gerald McCoy, and EDGE Jason Pierre-Paul goes (injury on the neck – probably the season at least). LB Devin White, GP Ndamukong Suh, and LB Deonne Bucannon.

White, Suh, and Bucannon will help the Buccaneers take their lead on the coast with former Pro-Lavonte David, and 2018 of the first round DT Vita Vea. But, all the eyes will be the secondary school.

In 2018, the Buccaneers had an extremely terrible defense. Through the air, they gave permission for 4,151 yards, 34 dust, and rated high passer 110.1 to nine mediation only. As it stands, they will be without Bowler Pro Brent Grimes four times at the back of the corner. But, they plan a talent ineffective – youth, and a lot of fix.

In the past two years, the Buccaneers drafted a defensive back, including three corners in the second round.

There is a promising prospect with the three-second series, M.J. Stewart, Carlton Davis, and Sean Murphy-Bunting with some elite characteristics. You can say the same for 2018 third round Jamel Dean. As in the case of the exploits, the team drafted Jordan Whitehead and Mike Edwards – two expectations with chess pieces aloud.

The six defensive reunions will join the first ever finalist 2016 CB Vernon Hargreaves, and 2017 the second round S S Evans Evans.

Hopefully, some of the eight young people mentioned can make potential in their production.

Dexter Lawrence


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