3 early goals for Rookie Jets Quinnen Williams in 2019

3 early goals for Rookie Jets Quinnen Williams in 2019

New York Jets went into defense with their top pick this year, choosing Quinnen Williams, University of Alabama Alabama, with the third overall choice of the Draft NFL 2019 late last month.

The choice was seen as strong for the Jets team who need help along their defense line, as Leonard Williams was disappointed and former players such as Mohammed Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson did not work directly.

However, Williams enters a relatively strong defensive unit as the great New York security Jamal Adams and promising linear choir are now led by free agent agent C.J. Mosley.

The Jets have quite high expectations for Williams to enter in 2019, so there are some goals for the rookie entering his first year:

3. Band with Gregg Williams

The Jets Gregg Williams hired his defense coordinator earlier in this season, a highly commended movement throughout the NFL because of the job that Williams made as the Cleveland Browns interim coach in the second half of 2018.

Obviously, it is hoped that Adam Gase's team will be around for a lifetime, so if Gase does a good job and the Jets will improve some improvements, Gregg is likely to lead a lot of time.

As a result, it is more important than ever that Quinnen bonds with Gregg, as Quinnen could be the most important member of the New York defense in a few years.

Certainly Gregg knows a lot about how to run NFL protection, and Quinnen would wisely absorb as much information from him as he can remove the bat to ensure success.

2. Creating Pressure in the Middle

One of Williams's most popular scouts was that he has the ability to generate pressure up in the center of the line, which is what he is usually asked to do in a 3-4 & # 39 defense; Jets'.

The good news is that Williams played a very similar role in Alabama and was dominant, tackling a loss and eight sacks during his sophomore year with the Crimson Tide.

New York was named 16th in the series in the season's last season, and certainly needs to be improved if the protection of the jets want to be among the best in the NFL in 2019.

Williams can certainly help with this, as his 6-foot-3 frame, 305 pounds with his athletic force should be included at the professional level.

1. Stay True Self

Sometimes, children try to make the way too much when they first enter the NFL, and they are a long-term injury.

This is something that Williams must avoid in his rookie campaign. What he must understand is that he is not expected to come in and decide all the problems that the Jets have; it is only expected to be a cog in the system.

Although it is absolutely possible that the 21-year-old will become a best defensive player in New York soon rather than later, this cannot be his early focus. He just needs to do his job and he knows that he has a group of talented players around him if he makes a mistake.

The Jets already have a strong defense, so Williams has a lot of support. If he recognizes that and remains true to himself rather than trying to be something he does not, he should have a very successful rookie campaign.

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