The fight of James Rodríguez (and there is video) at Bayern Munich

James Rodríguez lives moments of tension. Bayern Munich has already announced that it will not make effective the purchase option they have, and, therefore, will have to return to Real Madrid.

But at Santiago Bernabéu they do not count on him either, so his future is not clear, although all the indications are that he will play in the Premier League, where the Arsenal of Unai Emery bid for him.

The problem is that the 'gunner' squad is only an option for the future if it seals its pass to the next edition of the Champions League, something that is complicated right now, because he is fifth in the table, behind Tottenham and Chelsea.

The tension that James lives increases, since Niko Kovac, after knowing that the Colombian will not continue in the Allianz Arena, has opted to relegate him, again, to the substitution.

Clara shows in the match of DFB Pokal, German Cup, that the Bavarian team played against Werder Bremen, an ideal match to rotate and give rest to the titular and opportunities to the less usual. But not like that: Rodriguez only played the last 14 minutes.

In just that quarter hour, the coffee could be nervous, uneasy. It showed in the brawl that he starred, in which a rabona coffee maker ignited the spirits of rival players.

That, together with a kick that struck after the skillful playmaker, cost him the reproach of the players of Werder, who faced the coffee, helpless.

Bad days for him …

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