Sunderland opens the world-class premiere at Stadium of Light for a huge Portsmouth crowd

Sunderland will open the main gathering of the Stadium of Light for the second time this season as they aim to make a large crowd at Portsmouth at home.

With almost 40,000 tickets sold for the crucial League One match, the club announced early on Friday evening that the area of ​​the land, which is closed for most of the season, would be opened to target fans in other areas of the stadium. .

Boxing Day was the only other time it opened in 2018-19, when 46,039 looked at a 1-0 win over Bradford City. The third most popular series from the Taylor Taylor Report changed the shape of England's stadiums.

“We have set up the average third tier attendance record from the water, so that we can have two 40,000-plus attendances within one season, tell you everything you need about great support,” said Charlie Methven. , executive director.

Despite the increase in capacity as late as the day, cash gates will not be in place on Saturday, and people who have a previous purchase history will not be allowed to buy tickets. Seats can be purchased from the box office from 9am to the start of Saturday, but long queues are expected.

Portsmouth has two points above Sunderland and two more games are left in League One's regular season. Barnsley, two points ahead of Pompey, is in second place and the last place for automatic promotion but has less to play.


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