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RIQUELMA RAMOS – Who is the mother of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and why does not she appear in her son's activities?


Héctor J. Cruz

Millions of people have gathered in recent days, live, on television, newspapers, radio and social networks to witness the expected debut of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in the Major Leagues.

So much expectation created its presentation with the Toronto Blue Jays last Friday, that the US television followed closely through the MLB Network channel, and for two days his figure has been linked to the main stories. In the country, the debut match was broadcast by CDN SportsMax.

Vladimir Pádre, immortal of Cooperstown since 2018, has always been at the side of his son, signed four years ago for a tremendous bonus of US $ 3.9 million.

However, hundreds of readers of Listin Diario have been asking our wording for the mother of the already laureate player, because she has not appeared in the different scenarios that highlight it these days.

Why does not your mother participate, who is she, where is she? These have been the main questions of the fanatical followers of the great event.

She is called Riquelma Ramos, resides in the city of Santiago, and gave birth to Vladimir Jr. on March 16, 1999 in the city of Montreal. By then, Vladimir Sr. played for the Montreal Expos and developed the first years of a brilliant career that would give him immortality.

Riquelma had gone to live in Canada with her mother, whose name was not specified, nor has it been possible to confirm where and when she met Vladimir.

The data indicate that they never married (Vladimir himself has declared that he has 8 children of several women, but with none has contracted marriage).

They spent several years together, and then Riquelma and her family would have decided to return to their country, in the city of Santiago.

Listin Diario has made efforts to communicate with Riquelma, but related to the family say that the lawyer of Vladimir Jr., has recommended not to give interviews to the media.

Mr. Jorge Tineo, a former amateur baseball player from Santiago, said he is Riquelma's grandfather, and spoke with a Listín related in Santiago on the subject. He said that the young man's lawyer does not want his mother to speak.

The course of the subsequent relations that Vladimir had with Mrs. Riquelma is unknown, but the reports say that he traveled to Santiago frequently as a child and then as an adult.

In fact, Riquelma participated and was enjoying the signing of the player by Toronto in 2015, which is witnessed in photos of his Facebook account. There are also pictures of other children that Riquelma has had with later relatives.

Vladimir has had a decent debut with Toronto in his first two games. In the first he shot a double that had an impact on Toronto's final victory over Oakland in the ninth inning. Previously he had fired couple of long shots, also exhibiting good defense.

On Saturday he hit a single in four innings, and Toronto beat Oakland 7-for-1. On Sunday both teams play at 1 in the afternoon, in what will be the 3rd. match for Vladimir.

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