Sport Today Industrial goods: ASICS, Chelsea FC, BT Sport ... ...

Industrial goods: ASICS, Chelsea FC, BT Sport … t


ASICS reopened applications for TENKAN-TEN, the Japanese footwear accelerator program and a supplier of sports equipment for growing start-ups who want to make a mark in the sports and fitness market.

With the initiative now supported by the IESE School of Business at the University of Navarra in Spain, ASICS will provide € 30,000 for selected start-ups, as well as unrivaled access to ASICS executives and industry mentors over a four month period.

In 2018, the first year of the program, five start-ups were selected worldwide, including companies that focused on producing smart fabric, exploiting artificial intelligence opportunities and launching tender applications.

As part of this year's program, each founder will embark on a leadership development program with a focus on mental and physical health, as well as the company's culture. Each founder will have Mind Mind Mind, Sound Body ’, including training sessions, psychologist and personal trainers, as well as a nutrition plan and access to ASICS fitness and sports facilities.

The program will commence in September 2019 and will take place in the ASICS Innovation Hub in Barcelona (Spain), as well as the company's new EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

As part of the new partnership between ASICS and the IESE School of Business, MBA students will gain practical experience by working with the founders of the different start-ups.

Chelsea Club, the corporate and social events hosting service at the stamford Bridge stadium launched a Premier League football club, a new delegate menu for meetings, conferences and events only.

Chelsea nutritionist Jack Christopher helped to design a new menu ‘Fit for First Team ', which focuses more on healthy foods.

Christopher said: “We have delayed the release of carbohydrate options with a low glycemic index in the menu – such as porridge oats, sweet potatoes and lentils – to avoid sharp increases in blood sugar. This ensures that delegates benefit from a sustainable energy source during their meetings or events. ”

BT Sport will continue to cover the FIM Speedway World Championships until the end of the 2021 campaign after sealing a three-year rights extension.

As part of the renewal, which met with the agency's IMB Speedway division, BT Sport will show all rounds of the FIF Speedway Grand Prix series and the United Nations Energy Energy Speedway Championship.

The broadcaster also has rights to the Premier Premierhip expressway series in the UK and Ireland.

The Sport BT 2019 volatility speeds will begin on 4 May with the Speedway of Nations open race.

The travel agency Thomas Cook Sport has expanded its partnership with Scottish Rugby to include dedicated support packages.

As an official travel partner of the country's rugby control body, Thomas Cook Sport will provide travel packages and a break for the Scottish summer 2019 trials against France and Georgia and the Guinness Six Nations.

The partnership will extend “over” the Six Nations next year, which will see games in Scotland away in Ireland, Italy and Wales, as well as home competitions against England and France.


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