Tim Walter (head coach Holstein Kiel): In a good game Paderborn was the lucky winner. If we had used our chances better, we will go out of the field as the winner. It is a pity that we have given so many opportunities in front. Nevertheless, it continues.

Steffen Baumgart (Head Coach SC Paderborn): I saw a very, very good football game. The game could have gone in both directions. We were lucky enough to start the game because we were not awake from the start. In the second half we started a bit sleepy and fell behind. What the team showed after that was very good in all respects.

Dominik Reimann (Goalkeeper Holstein Kiel: We got into the game well, but we made too many mistakes in the front, so we always ran in the counter. After the good start and the lead in the 2nd half, we stopped playing football.

Pictures from the second league match between Holstein Kiel and SC Paderborn 07

View of the new East Stand in Kiel Stadium. The new, fully usable grandstand extends the capacity of the Holstein Stadium to 15,000 spectators.


Grading Holstein Kiel against SC Paderborn

Dominik Reimann. Grade 2. Strong showing of the 21-year-old, who responded brilliantly to shots from Gueye, Collins and Vasiliadis. Strong on the ball.



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