FilGoal | News What do numbers say after Salah's absence from the final list of the best player? Top of Mani and Hazzard and Aguero equal

19 goals so far in the English Premier League were not enough to have Mohammed Salah in the Premier League list to choose the best player in the English Premier League.

Salah had the opportunity to maintain the award he made last season, missing the list that saw Sadio Mani and Vergil van Dyke as Salah's colleagues at Liverpool, Eddin Hazard, a former Chelsea team and three Manchester City: Sergio Aguero, Rahim Sterling and Bernardo Silva. (See details) Using statistics and statistics to compare Salah to the rest of the candidates in the list, specifically Hazard, Stirling, Aguero and Mani, the four-player who plays in the attacking centers.

*Number of minutes and matches

Salah played 2913 minutes in 34 games, followed by Manny with 2725 minutes in 32 minutes, then Hazzard with 2634 minutes in 33 games, then Sterling with 327 minutes in 30 games and Aguero 2064 minutes in 29 matches.

*Objectives and opportunities realized and wasted.

Salah scored 19 goals, the same as Aguero, against 18 for Mani, 17 for Sterling and 16 for Lazard.

Only 3 goals from Salah's goals were from penalty shootings, against 4 for Hazzard and 2 for Aguero. While Manny or Sterling did not score any penalty goals.

Salah needs 154 minutes to score, 109 minutes for Aguero, 152 for Mani, 137 for Sterling and 165 minutes for Howard.

Salah scored the most in that list with 116 shots, 56 on goal, then Aguero 100, 38 on goal, then Hazard with 86, 40 on goal, Mani with 77, 37 on goal and Sterling with 67 of them 35 on the goal.

Salah took 12 chances to score, the same as Mani, against 13 for Aguero, 10 for Hardard and 12 for Sterling.

As for the lost opportunity, Salah comes with 15 chances, followed by Aguero with 10 chances, Mani B8, Hazzard 7 and Sterling 6.

Industry targets and dangerous opportunities

Salah comes fourth in the ranking industry goals. He made just 7 goals after Hazad with 12 goals, Sterling with 9 goals, and Aguero with eight goals. While Manny made only one goal.

In the industry of dangerous opportunities, Salah made 14 chances to be second after Hazard, who made 15 chances. After Salah comes Sterling with 12 chances, Aguero with 6 chances and Mani with 5 chances.

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