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City, cyborg look / Premier League / J31 / MU-City (0-2) /


While suffering a cruel elimination in the quarterfinals of the Champions League against Tottenham and he could have succumbed to pressure from Liverpool in the wake, Manchester City has just beaten Spurs and Manchester United without shaking to continue a huge series in the league. An impressive psychological strength in the Premier League, which should allow them to keep their championship at the expense of Reds.

Burnley, Leicester, Brighton & Hove Albion. These are the only three team names that can now allow Liverpool to still believe in a coronation that his supporters have been waiting desperately since 1990. These teams, they are the next opponents of Manchester City in the league. This is to say if the hope is slim for the Reds, who are likely to end the season in the vicious place of the dolphin. To a tiny unit of the leader, if it is.
A point. This is indeed the advance available to Skyblues on the Reds (with number of matches played equal) following their new victory at Old Trafford, in front of a Manchester United necessarily less determined that any rival can be a champion thanks to one of their success. Lose against them because they are superior, okay. But make them win by harvesting one or three crumbs, never. Remains on the lawn of Red Devils, the game was not so easy. To dislodge the red bus, Citizens had to be patient and wait for Leroy Sané to enter the second period to make the difference thanks to a nice goal by Bernardo Silva and the break of the German. Quietly, but with experience. Logically, but with discipline. Legitimately, but without trembling. Like for months in the Premier League, actually.

Eleven wins in a row, and a steel mind

Here are the numbers, impressive: after its success on MU, City is eleven consecutive games won. And fifteen games won in sixteen days. It is, however, that to let go in this crazy race for the title, in other words lose the least point lately, would have been human. Almost normal, even. Because the cruel elimination that the Skyblues suffered in the Champions League quarterfinals in favor of Tottenham could have achieved them psychologically. That would have been frankly understandable. Instead, the Citizens have used this failure to keep moving forward and to respond to the strong pressure imposed by Liverpool.
Like C-17s or C-18s when manga fans have discovered them, the stamina and power of the Mancunians are not weakened when they are hit. Like cyborgs, they set a goal and destroy everything that comes their way to reach it. For some, the goal is to kill His Goku. For others, it is to keep the trophy of champion of England. Annihilate Spurs a few days after observing them celebrate their presence in the last square of the C1? No problem, with just enough violence (1-0). To go to the neighbor, certainly not in shape, to live a surely decisive evening and leave after finishing it? Mission accomplished, in all serenity.

Merit, a notion against which one can not fight

In this context, hard to think that City could collapse in the home stretch. Especially since Burnley is maintained (fifteenth, nine points ahead of the red zone with a largely favorable goal difference) and therefore has nothing to play, that Leicester will visit a Etihad Stadium with only one team the Kingdom did not come out with a defeat (Crystal Palace, in December), and that Brighton currently remains on seven games without a win (including six defeats, and without a single goal scored!) in all competitions. And even if the first two evoked like to create a surprise against Citizens in recent years and that the third will probably play its survival in the elite.
Difficult to digest for Liverpool, but the Reds can only stick to the impression left by their competitor: in view of their current pace, the game deployed and their exercise as a whole, theSkyblues deserve to be crowned. For now, at least. By the way, after being swallowed up by a green monster and sent to the other world by a mean pink man, are C-17s and C-18s still alive at the end of Dragon Ball Z ?

By Florian Cadu

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