A scene at the lucky 3-2 victory of FC Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the DFB Cup at Werder Bremen astonished the observers: Shortly before the end of the game there was a scramble at Bayern Bank between coach Niko Kovac and team doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller -Wohlfahrt.

The physician wanted to hurry on the field to treat the just fouled Javi Martínez. Kovac withheld Müller-Wohlfahrt. A dispute between the coach and the sports doctor legend?

Memories were awakened to the disturbed relationship Müller-Wohlfahrts to Kovacs before-ahead predecessor Pep Guardiola, 2015 even led to the temporary rift between Bayern and his longtime miracle healer.

But such is not to be expected in today's constellation. "It was not about Zoff, it was just that I did not want Javi to be treated, so he would not have to leave the field and we would not have to play the final minutes to ten", Kovac told "Bild" on.

The Croat continued: "We needed all eleven men on the pitch, so that was easy."

Müller-Wohlfahrt obviously did not mind the trainer's small handgrip. The 76-year-old climbed into the team bus before leaving for the airport, at least in the best of moods.

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