Asdrubal Cabrera
"Astrubal Cabrera's shortstop flip his bat after hitting his two-run homer in the first inning." by apardavila is licensed under CC BY

Infielder Asdrubal, $ 5 million with the Texas Rangers, according to Ken Rosenthal.

Cabrera, Rosenthal build, He used to be a handy versatile infielder.

Cabrera´s 2018 was very much a year of two halves. He was excellent with the New York Mets, hitting 18 homers in 98 games with a .817 OPS. He was traded. T

Life in Philadelphia was not so good for Asdrubal, however. A result. T Third base is very hard to get more than a bench role on a contending team.

Texas in the absence of Adrian Beltre. T Midway through the campaign.

The Rangers have added veteran pitching this offseason in Lance Lynn, Mike Minor and Shelby Miller. Cabrera fits the same pattern, like Miller found, makes him a better trade asset come July. And do not make it.

Miller and the greater risk than Cabrera because of his injury history. Cabrera is the most recent hitter (his wRC + has been over 100 every year since 2014). He did not go to return and sun, but a contender, like Philadelphia were last season, could part with a decent prospect.

Steamer projects Cabrera to have a .757 OPS in 2019, which is only 17 points lower than its 2018 mark. If Cabrera produces at that level for a bargain price.


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