Three trading destinations for Asdrubal Cabrera

Where will New York trade Asdrubal Cabrera? One of these three teams could use it.

It is late in July, and with the New York Mets among its second just bad season. Probably, in addition to Jeurys Familia, other veterans will be traded for young players.

Asdrubal Cabrera, the most consistent batter for the Mets throughout the year, is in a prime position to trade. The 32-year-old is the best abusive season for his career, with a tidy line of .280 / .332 / .487 and a high career .820 OPS.

Since Cabrera is a free agent, the Mets will not give up much value in the future. Cabrera can play the second coin, the short cut, or the third coin. For this reason and for other reasons, these three teams could see the veteran inferer.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philippines lost out to the Manny Machado lotteries and are always in need of a competent competent adapter. As now, Scott has Kingery and his OPS is terrible.

While it is a rookie, Kingery sports a W -0.6 WAR, which means he hurt his team more than he helped them on the whole.

With the impressive Phillies team standing at the top of the section, Kingery is not progressing every day. This team requires a Spark to cross the Braves. Cabrera is getting on well with him. Also, he already knows that NL East bakers already have.

Milwaukee Brewers

Another team interested in Manny Machado, the Brewers, Cabrera could really use. The second base has a large hole.

Secondly, Milwaukee currently begins a mix of Hernan Perez or Jonathan Villar. Both of these players have OPSs under .700, and there are 12 home runs between them. Cabrera has 16 homers alone.

While the second base-game is not very good at Cabrera, as its defensive -1.6 defensive shows, its aggressive consistency, and its old help leadership would be a great advantage for a Brewers club who wants to stay ahead in the wild card race.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates have warmed up late, wearing themselves in conversation with the wild card with a winning 8 game streak. If they want to be “buyers” at the deadline, Asdrubal is a man.

The Pirates did not answer at the second tier during the year, with Josh Harrison, Sean Rodriguez, and Adam Frazier each with 100+ bats and small fruit. Cabrera could be the second daily base band he was looking for or a power threat switched from the bench.

If the Pirates are serious about winning this year, there would be an extension of their line by adding old-quality bats.

Where do you think Cabrera 2018 will finish?

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