NEW YORK – These injuries are starting to be paid for the Mets with the infielder Asdrubal Cabrera departing from Sunday's game against the Yankees due to left-wounded left.

Cabera left after three seizures.

Mickey Callaway men's manager said that the Mets will evaluate Monday's Chabrera, and that it is not being placed on the disabled list.

Apparently, the veteran seemed to be turning his coupling as he was running ahead at the beginning which started the Mets night.

Cabrera came out late to get a second hatch, and then ran very well to the first base as he went out to the second medal in the third quest.

The infielder said that he could have stayed in the game according to Callaway, but Jose Reyes put it instead at the second base.

Cabrera is one of two most valuable offensive players of the team, and is featured in 61 of 62 games. The infielder has had combat injuries during his possession and Mets is playing three penalties this year and batting .283.

He went for Sunday 0-for-2, and is in gap 4-for-37.

Cabera lost one game against the Cardinal after tasting the game, the only game he had not played in this season. The evaluation of Monday should reflect the severity of the injury and the amount of time, if any, that Cabrera must miss.

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