2: 0 for the VfB: rejoicing in the crowd

2: 0 for the VfB: rejoicing in the crowd

Coach Markus Weinzierl remains a historically bad start after his first victory in the fourth game as VfB coach spared. His Stuttgart no longer make a typical mistake in Nuremberg.

From Anna Dreher, Nuremberg

Timo Baumgartl will have often imagined what it would look like, his first Bundesliga goal. Maybe a penalty? Or a fallback? With left, right, or the head? Baumgartl has had a lot of time to think about it. In his 78 Bundesliga games so far 6701 minutes have passed – and in between there was also plenty of time to dream. And when it was actually so far in the life of the 22-year-old professional footballer of VfB Stuttgart, he himself was a little surprised.

In the game at 1. FC Nuremberg, whose stadium was filled for the first time this season to the last place, were just played 68 minutes. Baumgartl had watched as the ball landed after a corner by Dennis Aogo at Nuremberg Robert Bauer, who unintentionally became the template for Baumgartl. Suddenly the ball was with him – and shortly thereafter, the defender finally knew what he looked like, his first Bundesliga goal: Half in the fall Baumgartl drove the ball through the maze of co-and opponents to the lead into the goal and triggered a quake at the Stuttgart annex out. After a Saturday sobering balance sheet of 0:11 goals from the past three games under new coach Markus Weinzierl the claims of the bottom of the table before this 2: 0 (0: 0) in Nuremberg had indeed fallen significantly.

Until Christmas, it's all about collecting as many points as possible, said sports director Michael Reschke last. Siegen was whispered in Bad Cannstatt at most behind closed doors. And then, finally, this goal from Baumgartl and the first victory for the Swabian Bundesliga club since the end of September against Werder Bremen. "I could not believe that he went in," said Baumgartl later. "I was already raised by my colleagues that I will soon be the player with the most Bundesliga games without a goal." He will not win this category anymore. But there is Dennis Diekmeier (18 202 minutes) anyway very far forward.

Coach Markus Weinzierl is spared a historic bad start

The typical and not inconceivable mistake at VfB would have been to be euphoric given the fact that the remaining minutes were unfocused in the face of this goal, which actually flashed on the score board, and in the end disappointed to return to the team bus. But instead of committing this mistake, the Stuttgart showed themselves from an almost forgotten side: they still scored a goal. After a corner from Aogo the ball came from the area of ​​the penalty area to the substitute Erik Thommy, who not long hesitated, but determinedly pulled to the final result (82). "We are very relieved that we have won this victory, which was very, very important for us today because we had a very difficult time," said Weinzierl. "They realized that we were not bursting with stability, but we fought hard and played a decent game."

After he had been spared the bad start in the Bundesliga with four defeats by the first away win this season, told Weinzierl that he had thought much before this game. About what is best in this situation. And he finally decided to switch to a four-chain, which went well without the last against Frankfurt so uncertain and missing since Wednesday after a wounded in training calf injury Holger Badstuber. The back four of Marc-Oliver Kempf, Benjamin Pavard, Baumgartl and Andreas Beck brought back the defensive stability that also did the offensive well. Stuttgart played more combative and with more overview. Even without the injured Anastasios Donis, the VfB tempo got in, and even without the at least back in the squad Daniel Didavi creative approaches were to be seen in a playful but overall rather moderate game.

Also on display were missed chances. Probably the biggest missed striker Mario Gomez, who shot free-shot from close range at the gate (39.) and earlier could have provided for the long-awaited start to the liberation. The only helpful factor was that Nuremberg made too many mistakes, missed its chances as well and did not have a furious storm trio consisting of Luka Jovic, Ante Rebic and Sebastian Haller, with whom Frankfurt had almost disassembled VfB a week ago. "We've gotten pretty bad in the last few weeks," said Christian Gentner. "The pressure was huge today after the catastrophic results, but the team is alive."

Stuttgart captain had a bet with Baumgartl running, told the scorer later. How many header goals he would make against Nürnberg. So he had lost the bet. But Timo Baumgartl did not really care that day.


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