1. FC Köln vs. SC Paderborn 07 live: current scores 2: 1

1. FC Köln vs. SC Paderborn 07 live: current scores 2: 1

55 minutes

Schaub lost almost himself, but lost only a pass from Clemens at a time.

53. min

The FC combines a separate Paderborn protection model. Schaub Drexler puts down on the right of the penalty area. Terodde can not do anything at the low level in the middle of the field, as the seventh time pushes this season through the line.

53. min

Again Simon Terodde! 1. FC Cologne takes 2: 1.

52. min

However, Cologne is more unmarried and makes it more rich in the middle of the field – referee Markus Schmidt needs to intervene consistently.

49 min

Corner corner tenth for Cologne. It continues after the break in the first 45 minutes.

45 minutes + 2 minutes

The second half is running.

45 minutes + 2 minutes

The first half was fun. Nearly a central park, he quickly went to the penalty rooms back and forth. The hosts will not be dissatisfied: Of course, the FC would generate at least one more target goal for their maximum maximum. There was no luck in the decision of the columnist's penalty, two Terrode targets did not depend on the outside. Paderborn plays a part, but there are often great gaps in the defense.

45 minutes + 2 minutes

With 1: 1 it goes into the cabin.

45 minutes 1 min

One minute is relayed.

41. min

Klaus Gjasula Höger, which was very good and therefore gives him the first yellow card.

41. min

Cologne needed many opportunities for hitting, Paderborn hit with a chance that was not really hit. That work can be done.

38 minutes

The SCP responds immediately. Michel draws about 25 meters, the horn can not hold the horn and it gets too short. Gueye intervention to compensate. The goal must be a FC keeper.

38 minutes

And then the Paderborn compensation deferred! 1: 1 by Babacar Gueye!

37 minutes

Of course, Terodde! Höger takes the ball in the middle of the field, Drexler has an apartment right into the box, where Terodde must hold his leg until the sixth goal of this season.

37 minutes

Goal to 1st FC Cologne! 1: 0 by Simon Terodde!

35 min

The ball goes only in the goal! This time comes the cross from the right, where Schaub was in place. Terodde wants Dräger to stop Horn's shot much before the line.

35 min

Paderborn rarely gets into the penalty area, the players choose to stimulate the shot shift from outside the penalty area. They did not find that they are really dangerous.

32. min

Sven Michel from Paderborn distance – not a bad effort, but also two meters above.

30. min

Half an hour is played, the occurrences are clearly controlled. With fast, sleek combinations, the SCP Column always slashes, but the regular goal has not yet been successful.

27. min

Terrodde gives the ball down after hector's fine work again, but again he was next to him. This time is also so clear.

26. min

Paderborn is under pressure to increase. Especially on the wings, the Ostwestfalen attracts almost every case the short straw.

23. min

That would be a penalty. Dräger will increase his body area on the other side of Schaub and gets the ball in the penalty area on his hand. But Markus Schmidt sees it different.

23. min

The game is good enough to watch it. Both teams want to play football – not of course, it's not clear …

19. min

Jannes Horn makes many alarms on the left lane. Now it gets the first corner out. FC leadership is in the air.

16. min

Again Cologne quickly clips to the left, repeats Horn, Collins with an effort to clarify in the field of penalties almost his own goal.

14th min

SCP Steffen Baumgart committee opposes the best game philosophy. Paderborn attacks soon and is on. However, anti-goods also result in gaps and vulnerabilities, as said.

12. min

A great move to the 1st FC Cologne, Schaub was distributed left on the Cup, in the middle of the Turner circuit around the goalkeeper and the boys. But the FC scorer was near the template.

10. min

In terms of standards, Uwe Hünemeier is always a factor of danger. Now, one free kick on the right side is just a half meter over the goal, FC defendants have not paid enough to their Paderborn counterpart.

8. min

At the beginning, the ball swings fast between the penalty rooms. Gjasula has a chance to scam from the penalty area, but the direct victory clears the box clearly.

7. min

Quick column attack, Drexler is at the end of the combination in the penalty area with the heading. But the former Kieler goes to the gate.

5. min

SC Paderborn is the first corner of the game. Cleans Cologne's protection.

3 min

The mood is as well as the weather in the Sunrise. Also, some fans came from Paderborn.

preliminary report

The referee is Markus Schmidt.

preliminary report

This is how SCP works: Leopold Zingerle – Mohamed Dräger, Uwe Hünemeier, Christian Strohdiek, Jamilu Collins – Bernard Tekpetey, Klaus Gjasula, Philipp Klement, Christopher Antwi-Adjej – Babacar Gueye, Sven Michel

preliminary report

The line 1. FC Köln: Timo Horn – Matthias Bader, Jorge Meré, Rafael Czichos, Jannes Horn – Jonas Hector – Louis Schaub, Marco Hoeger, Dominick Drexler, Christian Clemens – Simon Terodde

preliminary report

Natural SC Paderborn has a strong start with the season. One win is recorded, two draw and win one. In the case of four second division games, the SCP is currently spoiled.

preliminary report

Recently, 1. FC Köln FC St. Paul 5: 3 in a great game. The goaties held a 0: 2 deficit after 25 minutes. Next, Simon Terrodde hit his four-fifth season goals.

preliminary report

Column plays illegal from the outset to the top – the goal is clear than the immediate redevelopment of the Bundesliga. In the second row the FC is not there. Three of the four games won, except against the Berlin Union, there was a pull.

preliminary report

1. FC Köln welcomes SC Paderborn – welcome!

preliminary report

1. FC Köln – SC Paderborn 07

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