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What an incredible match in the Rheinenergie Stadium! The 1. FC Cologne made disastrous Dresdener with 8: 1 and leaves any crisis mood disappear. And that – even at height – completely earned. At the latest after the blitz shortly after the break, the knot had burst, practically every shot a hit. In addition to three-goal man Terodde, the two packers Cordoba and Hector contributed to the scorer, the towering Schaub refined his appearance with a beautiful goal. Even Atiks' pretty result cosmetics could no longer tarnish the early carnival mood. One thing is clear: Cologne ready for the session!
Here you can once again closely follow the match of 1. FC Köln vs Dynamo Dresden! Min: Cracks free-kick from the half-field, SG goalkeeper Schubert misjudges, Hector heads into the empty net. That's easy! Eight matches in a game. Looks like the session is open today! Goal for FC! 82. Min: Koziello celebrates his comeback. He comes for Höger. 78 min: What a beautiful goal of Schaub! The strong assistants make it this time himself, pulls on the corner of the penalty area and snakes the ball exactly into the kink. A goal can hardly be more beautiful! Goal for FC! 73. Min: Not bad, not bad! Dynamo combines a fine finish, the FC does not get any access to the ball. Atik turns the ball from an acute angle in the fall into the Winkel.Tor für Dresden68. Min: The HSV leads meanwhile 3: 1 in Aue. With the top of the table it will be nothing for FC! 61 today. Min: It's getting easier and easier for 1. FC Köln! Terodde heads for the ball in full control of a header from Hector five meters from goal, no opponent in sight. The chance can not be taken of the scorer of course and heads right ein.Tor for the FC! 60. Min: After a fierce duel with Hartmann Cordoba must be treated. He limps off the field and has to get out. After a worse injury, it does not look. Guirassy comes for him anyway. 57th Min: Also the next entry is a hit! Again it is Schaub, who serves the goal scorer exemplary. He prevails in the attacking midfield and lupft the ball to run in Hector. The keeps the nerves, lets his opponent get out and loads goalkeeper Schubert. A goal worth seeing! Goal for the FC! 51. Min: And it goes on brightly! Cordoba prevails in the one-on-one against Dumic with force and catches Schubert from about 13 meters on the wrong foot. The ball trickles into the bottom right net.Tor for the FC! 49. Min: Pyrotechnics are now fired in the away block. Yellow smoke obscures the curve. The game can still go on.46. Min: As soon as the ball rolls again, it is already 3: 0! Dynamo defended in Kreisliga manner, Schaub is robust and dribble strong on the right through, served Terodde in the back space, which pushes the ball confidently into the goal. Cordoba and T-Rod harmonize really well. Before Schaubs' dribbling the Colombian had the ball firmly moored. Goal for the FC Halfway conclusion: 1. FC Cologne is with 2-0 in front. And that, although the fans in the Rheinenergie Stadium do not get to see a particularly attractive football game. Only two well-outplayed opportunities could record the FC – both led each to the goal. Otherwise, the Billy goats find hardly any rooms against compact Dresdeners, who themselves can offensively hardly set any accents. Anyway – two hits speak for the effectiveness of the new FC Sturmduos. Now the result has to be brought over time. Halbzeit42. Min: dumb for the FC! Schaub is wonderful in midfield, his peasant trick shortly before the penalty but fails miserably. The SG central defender can not but clarify crucial, the ball lands perfectly in front of the feet of Terodde, who can insert the ball in the fall. Goal for the FC! 40. Min: Great opportunity for the 1st FC Cologne! Drexler brings the ball a little accident on Terodde. He sees the better positioned Cordoba, who fails again with his shot to Schubert.38. Min: A "shot" by Schmitz. For Schubert a return.35. Min: Finally a good cross from the right. Hartmann is in front of Terodde on the ball.31. Min: Terodde is late against Gonther and takes Yellow.28. Min: The game is visibly flattening. With both teams more and more mistakes happen now. The FC finds little room against compact defending Dresden.23. Min: Directly the next update. Aue balances with Fandrich.21. Min: Short update from the other places. Leader Hamburg leads in Aue by a goal by Lasogga with 1: 0.19. Min: Next graduation from Cordoba! Schaub brings the striker into position on the edge of the box. His volley can easily parry Schubert. To the center.18. Min: The FC with a lot of space in the midfield. Höger spins the ball, thereby he travels the pace. His subsequent graduation is blocked.15. Min: First conclusion of the guests. After a long free kick from the half-field Hartmann can prevail in the header duel. The ball goes far over the goal.14. Min: Again, Cordoba is in the right place for the sixteenth of the Dresdeners. Cracks flanks in, Schubert can only bounce off. In the ensuing bustle, however, he can throw himself on the ball just before Cordoba.13. Min: Defensive the compact Cologne defensive leaves nothing at all. Offensively, however, not much has happened before the goal of the Dresdeners after the lightning start. Min: Contrary to expectations, the FC does not play in 4-4-2, but rather in a 5-3-2 or 3-5-2 system. Meré, Schmitz and Czichos defend inside, the backsides include offensive and defensive hector and tears. 3. Min: What a dream start for the 1. FC Cologne! Drexler is at the bottom line, crosses the ball high on the onrushing Cordoba, who heads the ball into the opponent's goal. Even if Drexler was at least on the border to the offside – a super home-played goal! Goal for the 1st FC Cologne! 1. Min: The game is on. Starting at 12.55: One day before the start of the session, 1. FC Köln will play in the new carnival jersey today. If the Billy goats win in the red-and-white striped outfit, the Rheinenergie Stadium would certainly be a day before Carnival. 12.51 hrs: Sporting director Armin Veh is expecting more from the team today: "I hope we play well and win as well. It was a really bad game against HSV. We have a clear goal with the ascent. That's not how you can achieve that. Against Schalke you have seen what we are capable of. We have to retrieve this more often. I expect that we will play against Dynamo with confidence and appear dominant. "12:47: After the victory against FC is currently HSV with 24 points in first place. Behind the city rivals St. Pauli with 22 points, only one in front of the FC in third place. Behind everything, however, everything is tightly staggered. If the SG scored a victory against the Billy Goats, they would be tied. 12:37: A look at the other games of the second division game day. At the same time as FC St. Pauli faces Heidenheim in the home stadium, HSV have to play in Aue. Thus, the top 3 are required at the same time. All three teams have the opportunity to conquer the top of the table. 12.30: Markus Anfang warns before the game before the Saxons: "Dynamo is very compact, very tight and very well staggered. They create many chances over the ball conquest in midfield. They have good counter-players. "The SG is unbeaten in four games.12.21 clock: Dynamo coach Maik Walpurgis sends the following players into the game: Schubert, Wahlqvist, Dumic, Nikolaou, Hartmann, Benatelli, Aosman, Koné, Heise, Ebert, Gonther.12.16 Clock: Sitting on the FC Bank initially Kessler, Sörensen, Guirassy, ​​Özcan, Koziello, Bader and Hauptmann.12.10 clock: Markus start surprised not only with two personnel, but also with a tactical change. For Özcan and Guirassy Schmitz and Cordoba move into the starting lineup. As a result, the classic 4-1-4-1 system becomes a classic 4-4-2.12.05 am: The line-up is here! This eleven trusts Markus at 12 o'clock in the morning: Welcome to the live ticker of the match between 1. FC Köln and Dynamo Dresden!



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